Thursday, January 30, 2014


Speaking of belated, a few overdue Christmas highlights...

My parents braved the nasty weather and came to visit us.  That is true love!

This was the first Christmas we spent in our own home.

It was a treat to host and start our own traditions in earnest, including homemade donuts for breakfast, a fancy Christmas dinner (first chance in our married life to use our Christmas china, hooray!), and the nativity play.  My mom brought the costumes, so it was legit!

But clearly S man did not approve.

J discovered rice crispy treats, in train form.  It was his Christmas miracle for sure.

Little J was very leisurely about opening gifts, so we got to enjoy watching him discover them all day long.  S man's Christmas list was checked off by just eating the wrapping paper!

Chris got me the perfect gift: he had a ring sized that's been too big for me for almost 20 years.  Now I finally get to wear it!  It doubles as a good luck charm - I thought it was long lost, but when I was visiting my parents last November I found it tucked away in the pocket of an old gym bag.  Also, it narrowly escaped being flushed down the toilet by a certain almost 3 year old.

Hope your holiday was full of lucky surprises too.

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Erin Gibbons said...

It's nice to see pictures of you guys and see what you're up to! I still haven't posted about Christmas...maybe soon. I've been thinking about you this winter in cold Minnesota! (Also, because I visit teach another Spanish-speaking sister by myself and I don't get half of what she says; thick accent, rusty Spanish, it makes me think about you and how much I wish you were my companion again!) As for Minnesota, I consider you very brave people :) But just think about all the great lakes you can hike around in the summer!