Friday, February 14, 2014


Last month, the boys and I escaped the frigid temps here in Rochester for a week in sunny Florida and then a week in Virginia. What a treat to be able to walk outside without full winter gear!

We got to visit with my grandparents, aunt, and mom in Florida.  Rocky and PK just moved to this amazing retirement community called Penney Farms.  Walking into the dining hall with two cute little people was like being celebrities on the red carpet - all the older people just couldn't wait to meet Little J and S man.  At first it was a little overwhelming, but as a proud little mamma I quickly became charmed by being surrounded by folks who found my children as adorable as I do.  They also all told me, upon meeting me for about 10 seconds, that they thought I was a wonderful mother.  Keep the undeserved compliments coming, people.

Speaking of folks who find my children adorable, we had a wonderful time with Grandma Jodi, Grandpa, and my step-Grandpa Bernie in Virginia.

We. Played. Hard.

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