Friday, February 14, 2014


Last month, the boys and I escaped the frigid temps here in Rochester for a week in sunny Florida and then a week in Virginia. What a treat to be able to walk outside without full winter gear!

We got to visit with my grandparents, aunt, and mom in Florida.  Rocky and PK just moved to this amazing retirement community called Penney Farms.  Walking into the dining hall with two cute little people was like being celebrities on the red carpet - all the older people just couldn't wait to meet Little J and S man.  At first it was a little overwhelming, but as a proud little mamma I quickly became charmed by being surrounded by folks who found my children as adorable as I do.  They also all told me, upon meeting me for about 10 seconds, that they thought I was a wonderful mother.  Keep the undeserved compliments coming, people.

Speaking of folks who find my children adorable, we had a wonderful time with Grandma Jodi, Grandpa, and my step-Grandpa Bernie in Virginia.

We. Played. Hard.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Speaking of belated, a few overdue Christmas highlights...

My parents braved the nasty weather and came to visit us.  That is true love!

This was the first Christmas we spent in our own home.

It was a treat to host and start our own traditions in earnest, including homemade donuts for breakfast, a fancy Christmas dinner (first chance in our married life to use our Christmas china, hooray!), and the nativity play.  My mom brought the costumes, so it was legit!

But clearly S man did not approve.

J discovered rice crispy treats, in train form.  It was his Christmas miracle for sure.

Little J was very leisurely about opening gifts, so we got to enjoy watching him discover them all day long.  S man's Christmas list was checked off by just eating the wrapping paper!

Chris got me the perfect gift: he had a ring sized that's been too big for me for almost 20 years.  Now I finally get to wear it!  It doubles as a good luck charm - I thought it was long lost, but when I was visiting my parents last November I found it tucked away in the pocket of an old gym bag.  Also, it narrowly escaped being flushed down the toilet by a certain almost 3 year old.

Hope your holiday was full of lucky surprises too.


It's belated, but as my only new year's resolution is to blog more often so I can publish my posts as a family year book, I'll go ahead with "The Baileys' 2013 by the numbers..."

1 - mile.  I started swimming to help heal my back, and after building up slowly over about 5 months, I can now swim a mile several times a week.  I'm slow, but I can do it.  After being unable to exercise for over a year, it feels so good to be strong again!

2 - job promotions.  Chris moved from intern to "urology year 1" resident.  He's really loved the change and has a stellar group of co-workers in the urology department at Mayo.  And I was promoted to mom of 2.  New perks include the 5 a.m. snug-a-thon and watching the boys learn to be friends.


3 - sewing projects.  For an artistically challenged person such as myself, this is a break through.  2 recovered rocking chairs (umm, mostly done by my amazing parents while we waited for S man to arrive), new living room curtains, and an apron for Little J.

4 - weeks old. S man's age when we went to Nags Head in May.  Now at 9 months old, he's already a seasoned traveler!

5 - visits from grandparents.  We are so grateful they are willing to come all the way to Minnesota to see us!  Don't worry, we know the kids are the real draw :)

6 - about how many words J could say at his 2nd birthday in Feb.  His language development has truly taken off.  Just last night, I overheard him teaching Sam, "The garbage truck opens like this to dump the load at the landfill.  On Thursdays.  See, that's amazing!"

7 - months of cold weather here in Minnesota.  Thank goodness for hot chocolate, a reliable furnace, and a rockstar snow blower.

8 - months of S man in our family.  It's been quite a treat getting to know this little adventurer.

9 - weeks Little J, S man, and I spent in Utah.  And the boys were able to see all of their 9 cousins during those visits, what a treat!

10 - weeks Chris spent on each "quintile" rotation with different surgical services in the urology department.

11 - number of times I can answer questions that start with "Why" before I call a question break.  Yep, we've already hit that stage.  J's already delved into some pretty big questions, such as "Why are all the dinosaurs extinct?"

12 - surgeries Chris can now complete.  This is approximate, but it is remarkable how much he's learned already.

13 - weeks of preschool.  This fall, I organized a preschool coop with three other moms.  The highlight was our trip to the fire station.

And, the year-in-review wouldn't be complete without the most recent photo shoot.  Side note - The Target portrait studio was awesome - great deal, done in about 30 minutes.  Yep, we're members now.  So you might be seeing this background again :)

Here's to 14 new adventures in the coming year!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving, we got back to our Pilgrim roots with some age-old traditions...

Ye olde Turkey the bird house a few houses down, to which the boys and I did a daily pilgrimage during warmer weather.  We were very proud of ourselves for braving the cold!

The classic Hand-As-Turkey, for the name cards

The timeless swing-your-baby-in-rock-climbing-webbing 

The traditional Toddler Smolder

The customary Stuff-A-Sock-In-Your-Mouth moment

And, of course, my first roasted turkey.  I was very proud of my little domestic self.

S Man didn't mind his first turkey taste, either.

It was a treat to have Mom and Dad Bailey join us all the way from Virginia.  Thanks for coming, Grandma Jodi and Grandpa!

And now, on to Christmas!

P.S. Here's the best family shot we've gotten since the summer...