Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The New Baby B's


First Bath




Snatchin' Booty

Testing out the Bumbo chair

Just Because

I am loving having a family of four more than I can say.  So I'll let the pictures do the talking.

And as a Bonus, since baby S was born 10 weeks ago, no more Back pain!  I am able to do all those little things normal people do - hold my baby, wrestle J into his car seat, take out the trash, not to mention easing back into some exercise...I feel like super woman!  Thank you for being born, S Man!


Heather said...

Love seeing pics of your cute fam! Isn't it nice having a baby again? I remember thinking that every day after Warren was born.

Brooke said...

He sure is a keeper! So, so cute! I feel so lucky that we had beach week this year so I could meet the littlest Bailey. I am so happy you are adjusting so well to two kids. This post makes me so excited to see you in just a few short weeks! Love you! (Reading back, there are SO many "so"s in that comment) ha.

Jodi said...

Love this post so much. I could look at these pictures for hours. Miss you all.